Monika Elfe II

I've known Monika Elf II for going on 30 years and have often been surprised at her creative genius when it comes to Photo Manipulation. Many have tried to copy her creative genius yet i know of none who come anywhere near.

She's especially hot on anything that's really heavy on Rubber & Ultra High Heels.

The following is a snapshot of the various manipulations i especially like. I'm sure you'll have your favorites.


She describes her favorite images as what would be classed as "Reader's Wives" style. Snap-shots, that glint in the eye, when all the angles fall into place and thinks "wow, wonder what she's thinking?".



Her work is a pure fetish interpretation of a fantasy being.

Others who's photos she likes to manipulate include Katrina Transdoll, CoveredinRubber and Nicci Tristan sadly no longer with us and hope she's resting in peace.


It's lovely being a Muse and hope to furnish her with many more hi res pics to manipulate in the future. You'll occasionally find her on Flickr but has the tendency to remove her self from it from time to time.


TD Kev

After a wonderfully horrid education at the hands of Nuns and Christian Brothers TDKev as he's affectionately known escaped to attend Chelsea and St Martin's Art schools before leaving to work on Storyboards, portrait painting and private commissions.

TDKev TDkev  TDKev

He was exposed to the London Fetish, Skin Two Magazine and following that a plethora of interesting commissions. Following a fall and possibly a bang to the head he began a strange 10 year obsession into the kind of Art you see today. Relatively unheard of outside the UK his art has been featured at various exhibitions in London, including the "Limelight club on Shaftesbury Avenue. Perhaps best known for his "Pscychotic Realism" show at the Phoenix Picture House.

TDKev spends most of his time working on commissions and obsessions via his own personal Blog http://tdkev.blogspot.com/

I love this guys art and the way he portrays the highest heel with what would appear to be figure hugging feminine fashion perhaps latex; well lets hope so. But don't just look at what you see in front of your eye as behind it are some very strange things going on.

Run Paint Run

I've known the Artist, Designer, DJ & VJ Run Paint Run for going on 20 years and have often been surprised at his style and creative genius. Pim as he is affectionately known is not only a very good friend and fellow fetishist but we have also collaborated on a number of projects over the years.

The two most notable was the painting in oils of me in a Latex Hood that i'm sure many you have already seen on my previous site.  The original now takes pride of place in my Office in Manchester.


The second was a 15 year tribute to the people of Wasteland past, present and future. Look carefully at 00:55 & 13:36 and you'll see me resplendent in Gas mask and Latex Catsuit.

Notable participants included Dutch Dame, Dr Mad, Miss Mirjana, Marie Katze, Irresistible Iris, Mr & Mrs Truelove, Sasha De Monaco, Shabby Dekker lead singer of the Vulgarettes and Karin QT West. In total there were as many as 40 people who took part in the project created by both Pim & Peter Diablow.

Such was the success of Pim's collaboration with Dutch Photographer Peter Diablow that other Party Organizations have since engaged Pim's work on a more regular basis creating such wall VJ shows as this one for Crazyland Iceland in 2009

Pim has just recently completed 2 new works that Pim's company "Run Paint Run Productions" created as part of the Visual production for the Wasteland Party.

Both are Video Loop Installations seen by the thousand or so attendees at the last Wasteland Party

Video Loop "Sub's Night Out"
Model: Amarantha LaBlanche
Latex: DeMask
Location: Supperclub Amsterdam, Burlesque FreakOut & the streets of Amsterdam
Video: Run Paint Run Productions

Video entitled "Night"
Model: Amarantha LaBlanche
Corset: Bizarre Designs - Jeroen van der Klis, See Bizarre Designs Product Shopping Guide
Video: Run Paint Run Productions

He also appeared as the resident DJ at The Korsakoff on Lijnbaansgracht, Amsterdam (NOW A COFFEE BAR & not at all what it was) every 4th Saturday of the month for a superb Gothic party called OUT OF CONTROL

If you'd like to engage Pim for any of your projects i suggest that you contact him via his homepage

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