After a wonderfully horrid education at the hands of Nuns and Christian Brothers TDKev as he's affectionately known escaped to attend Chelsea and St Martin's Art schools before leaving to work on Storyboards, portrait painting and private commissions.

TDKev TDkev  TDKev

He was exposed to the London Fetish, Skin Two Magazine and following that a plethora of interesting commissions. Following a fall and possibly a bang to the head he began a strange 10 year obsession into the kind of Art you see today. Relatively unheard of outside the UK his art has been featured at various exhibitions in London, including the "Limelight club on Shaftesbury Avenue. Perhaps best known for his "Pscychotic Realism" show at the Phoenix Picture House.

TDKev spends most of his time working on commissions and obsessions through various online avenues such as and his own personal Blog

I love this guys art and the way he portrays the highest heel with what would appear to be figure hugging feminine fashion perhaps latex; well lets hope so. But don't just look at what you see in front of your eye as behind it are some very strange things going on.

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