Heike The Fetish Queen is very much a Lifestyle Fetishist and through her Member area on her homepage (link below) gives you an insight into her real life.


See her at home, shopping and almost everywhere except her bedroom. She, like me loves being photographed and am sure you'll find something on her site that you will truly love. I've put her into the Boot Lover catagory but could so easily slot into High Heel Ladies & Fetishists.


Her website whilst predominately written in German has translations in English but am sure that you are aware that you can easily translate into your language using Google Translator.

fq banner1Did you also know that Heike models for not one, but 2 online fetish clothing shops?
- Crazy Outfits http://www.crazy-outfits.de
- C & K Atelier http://fetish-atelier.com

JodphurGirl is a clear definintion of this exceptionally talented lady of Leisure.

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I often marvel at her truly remarkable figure and choice of clothing and footwear but particularly her choice of Boots. Very much an Icon and inspiration she began posing for photos wearing riding jodphurs with high heel boots. Soon after, she launched her own Latex Clothing label as Latex Belle. Interestingly enough she too makes her latex in the thickness as i at 0.40mm latex. I particularly love her take on Rubber Jodphurs and would of course love a pair myself.


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I am reliably informed that the Jodphurgirl website is due to re launch sometime this year. As soon as it appears you will see it mentioned on this site.

There's something about Germany but more importantly Germans and their association with Fetishism and in particularly Rubber wear.

leder03308  update 050b

Lady Tasha from Memmingen (Bavaria) is as she admits, hopelessly addicted to fetishwear in all it's guises whether it be Leather, PVC or Latex. Although her heels aren't ultra high you have to admit that she does look pretty fantastic in all that she wears.

Perhaps your pulse quickens when you see her photos or something stirs. Either way, you'll find no better than Tasha when it comes to a real Fetish woman.

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Lady Kinky Boots  is a real life Boot Slut, Fetishist & Genuine British Mistress.   

526 2620 553 5315

Her site is One Of A Kind, with 100% Exclusive Boot Fetish & Hardcore Kinky Sex Movies, all shot by her Husband, who i believe also runs Skyscrapers.

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562 6274 588 8842 485 8593

If you like seeing images and video of a mature lady dressed in gorgeous boots and partially naked then her site is for you.



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