Bizarre Design located in the city of Amsterdam have been making custom designed corsets since 1987. The company is run by Dutch corsetiere Jeroen van der klis. From initial consultation to design, selection of materials and 1 or 2 fittings, Jeroen is a man of many talents as he creates the final masterpiece for his customers.

Having experienced first hand what this creative genius can do for the tight lacing aficionado i can only applaud him for his fine craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

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Created for many purposes and often to satisfy a fantasy or two his creations cover many uses and include haute couture fetish, BDSM as well as for the bride to be.

Tight Lacing practitioner Cathie Jung and Haute Couture Designer Mart Visser are just a few of many famous names and public figures who are his regular customers. Other such names include me as well as Déna Massque and a great many more.

Bizarre Design is synonymous with Tight Lacing as a Mug of Tea is with British culture. Do take a peek at Jeroen's website below and when next visiting Amsterdam be sure to add his atelier to your list of must see attractions. He also has a Facebook page to be found at

Since all of Jeroen's work is done on a made to measure basis then it's guaranteed to fit. The process of having a unique product made for yourself is quite simple really but to ensure the correct fit you will almost certainly need to visit his atelier to ensure a correct fitting.

I remember that for my creation i made 3 visits. The 1st to discuss what i wanted and for him to take my measurements. The 2nd as final fitting to ensure of a perfect fit and the 3rd to collect and pay for the item.

Over the years i've gone down the made to measure route a few times and haven't always been completely satisfied at the overall finish. Not so with a Jeroen van der Klis creation. Take my corset for example. Whilst i didn't want a fancy box he was most insistent i wrap it in something soft so as not the scratch the surface of the corset. He also said that when it came to keeping the corset shiny it is better to polish with a dry soft cloth and avoid things like rubber polish and silicone lubricant.

Whilst a made to measure corset might appear to be an expensive commodity you only have to weigh up the value of what it is worth to you. If you want a corset in a design or material that someone else has then a Bizarre Design Corset is not for you. On the other hand if you seek quality workmanship that is made to last a lifetime and designed to fit your body then Bizarre Design is one of the best options.

Website - 6
Product Quality - 10
Durability - 10
TVTS Suitability - 10
Fitting - 9
Customer Service - 8
Delivery - 9
Postage costs - 8


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