Alina from the Northern part of Germany is a young lady with a real passion for high heels and nylons.

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 Her passion for high-heeled shoes started in her youth, when she discovered lots of stiletto shoes at her Aunts house. She soon became hooked on High Heels and discovered that unlike most women she really enjoyed wearing high heels, nylons and erotic clothing.

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 In her galleries you will see many photos of her in all kinds of outfits but the prevailing theme is always with High Heels.

She admits to being hooked on high heels and owns more than 100 pairs of Shoes as well as boots. The only thing which is important to Alina is that the heel height has to be at least 4 inches high.


 Nylons are another part of her passion and she loves to wear them when she wears the lovely high heels you see her in. For you Stocking fans you might like to know that she has quite a large and lovely collection of stay ups, fishnets, pantyhose, fully fashioned and vintage stockings.

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Nadja runs a website calledNadjas Nylons and has since she was a teenager been fascinated with High Heels and Nylon Stockings

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Her site is pretty High tech and very well laid out. It's clear to me that this lady is as passionate as i about appealing to your senses and brings to you the viewer a quality top class product.

She like me adores wearing the highest heel and i urge you to delve that little bit closer into what this damsel has to offer. Click the pics to see more of Nadja.


Pantera otherwise known as Light Fetish . This fascinating lady is not a model. In fact she prefers not be referred to as a fetish-queen, -princess, high heel goddess. She's a real person with a Fetish for extreme High heels, Latex, Nylons and Corsetry and uses her website to show everyone how she spends her life as a Lifestyle Fetishist.

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Of interest to me is where she buys her footwear from and these include Fuss-Schuhe, Elite Heels, 6ihf and Gianmarco Lorenzi Her Latex and Rubber wear comes from Fantastic Rubber and Latex Desire.

Although we've never met, we have exchanged a few words on Twitter. She said i had a nice style and that she would be keeping an eye on what i'm doing. To get such compliments from the famous Pantera makes it all worthwhile.

LiFe Style fetish fashion extreme high-heels, nylons, latex, glamour

I'd like to introduce you  Lady Joanne Lafontaine the QUEEN of facesitting, foot domination, trampling, femdom and so much more.

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This lady of Domination is more than a mere Mistress and takes her rightful place in my ICON Guest Gallery as one of the all time greats. One thing you might not know is that she personally selects her slaves her self and refuses to let monetary offers get in the way of her passion of being a Lifestyle Dominatrix.



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