Pantera otherwise known as Light Fetish . This fascinating lady is not a model. In fact she prefers not be referred to as a fetish-queen, -princess, high heel goddess. She's a real person with a Fetish for extreme High heels, Latex, Nylons and Corsetry and uses her website to show everyone how she spends her life as a Lifestyle Fetishist.

wolford-tube-dress-dimarni-extreme-highheels-highstyle-walking-outdoor2 white ballet boots corset outdoor romantic1


Of interest to me is where she buys her footwear from and these include Fuss-Schuhe, Elite Heels, 6ihf and Gianmarco Lorenzi Her Latex and Rubber wear comes from Fantastic Rubber and Latex Desire.

Although we've never met, we have exchanged a few words on Twitter. She said i had a nice style and that she would be keeping an eye on what i'm doing. To get such compliments from the famous Pantera makes it all worthwhile.

LiFe Style fetish fashion extreme high-heels, nylons, latex, glamour

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