Proving that High Heels are the epitome of a man's desires Wolfgang Fuss began selling shoes online via his online shoe store back in 1996 and has since received over 33 million visitors to his website and has gone on to produce a top quality range of Feminine Italian made footwear appealing to both Men & Women alike.

A closely guarded secret is where he obtains his footwear from. Some say that in recent years he has looked to the far-east but i know for a fact that that they are indeed Made in Italy. When it comes to cars, the Italians are great at styling yet in former years build quality was never that great as could be seen in the old Alfa Romeo rust buckets we drove around in back in the 80's. Over recent years build quality in Italian cars has dramatically improved and with it the high fashion shoe & boot.

Although Fuss Shoes are made for Women, Wolfgang let loose one day that over 60% of his customers were actually men. Whether they buy for their wives, girlfriends, Mistresses or indeed themselves is hard to know and indeed why would anyone care as a sale is a sale. Having said that it makes perfect business sense to know your customer and more importantly what it is that they desire. Ask any man what item of footwear turns him on the most and it always comes back to high heels.

For me Fuss Shoes are the Valentino of Ultra High Heels with an arch that does wonders for your foot and posture. I simply adore every single high heel shoe i have ever bought from him. The build quality and durability is second to none. Not only do they look fabulous in photos and movies they're a joy to walk in.Shown here are 3 of the shoes i have bought from him. I have another 4 or 5 which are still to be modelled in so do keep an eye on my Updates for when i show you yet more wonderful Fuss Designs

The latest addition to the Fuss  label are these gorgeous Cross over Strappy Pumps. In my size (EU41) they have their trademark 16cm heels. Available from EU34 right upto EU46 and priced between EUR129.99 and EUR134.99 surely a must have item for all High Heel fans. Made of Genuine Black Calfskin & Patent Leather and with a Real Leather Sole.

Pu-864-2443-nero_1.jpg Nero High Heels

If this doesn't take your fancy, then how about one of these which are all on my list of MUST Have footwear for 2012 available in 16cm heels in Size EU41?

Vitello Nero Rosso Heels   Pu-955-2443-koram182_3.jpg
Vitello Nero Vernice Nera Nero Boots
Pu-867Nero vernice-met-rosso  Pu-874-2443-vitello-nero_3x

If do buy one of Wolfgang’s creations please remember to tell him where you learned of his webstore so i may one day be able to add to my collection and in turn show my adoring fans how great these look on me.

I wear a size EU41 which in regard to this company equates to a UK8. They're extremely comfortable to wear for long periods. A word of warning regarding the heels; do not put too much weight on them as they heel has a tendancy to bend inwards.

All of the footwear is made of a soft & supple patent &/or real leather material. Some footwear is of a PU material but surprisingly comfortable even though man made.
Be careful with the heel shaft as they do mark.

They are indeed an expensive shoe when compared to the likes of Pleasers. But then again they're not like pleasers at all. Neither are they Christian Louboutin as indicated by the price but for the price i would always choos a FUSS design over a Louboutin any day.

Website - 9
Product Quality - 9
Durability - 8
TVTS Suitability - 7
Fitting - 9
Customer Service - 7
Delivery - 9
Postage costs - 8
Bonuses - As a customer you get access to the FUSS MEMBER AREA where they showcase all of their gorgeous footwear.


The LADY ANA rating is calculated in each catagory of 1 to 10.
1 being very bad & 10 being very good
The Final rating is an average of all points.

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