Burlesque Blue contacted me recently to inform me of a super discount until 31 January 2013. The offer is a 10% discount on their STOCK Footwear. To make use of the discount enter the Redeem Code STOCK10 during the Checkout process.

Based in the Prestwick, Scotland and are a small, family run company, who are passionate about their product as well as their customers.

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Many companies pride themselves in offering a first-class customer service at competitive prices. For Burlesque Blue this claim is a reality. But the photos of footwear don't do them justice as their shoes look a lot nicer in real life than on the site. I've no idea where they are made but must say i love the arch and the feel of their shoes.
 The shoe they sent me is their Classic Court, made of matt black leather with a lovely 6 inch heel. Been meaning to make some photos and will quite soon. Very reasonably priced at GBP 140.00 in the Made to order section.
This company sells exclusively via the Internet via their online shoe shop portal which means they can offer us high-quality merchandise at prices very much lower than those found in conventional stores. Most are available in UK Shoe Sizes 3 - 12, including half sizes. Also a number of matrial & colour cominations.


I wear a size UK8 which as i mentioned above is an almost perfect fit. My preference for footwear is for snug fitting and not the loose fitting they would seemingly suggest you have. What i mean is that shoe retailers often suggest when buying high heels you should order one size larger than your shoe size. In my view it's hocum since i once did that and the shoes in question remain in the closet and rarely see the light of day.

The finished product when purchased is one of the best there is.

You usually get what you pay for but in the case of Burlesque Blue you get a magnificant fashion statement which says you're walking around on a quality product. 

Website - 8
Product Quality - 9
Durability - 9
TVTS Suitability - 9
Fitting - 9
Customer Service - 9
Delivery - 8
Postage costs - 8
Bonuses - None.


The LADY ANA rating is calculated in each catagory of 1 to 10.
1 being very bad & 10 being very good
The Final rating is an average of all points.

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