ERNEST Shoemaker of Paris and on the worldwide have been trading since 1904 and boast probably one of the most interesting collection of ladies footwear in France and for that matter the world at large. How many shoe shops do you know that only sell shoes and direct accessories such as Handbags? Most such companies diversify into additional items such as jewelery, hosiery and corsetry yet Ernest remain as High heel specialists.

They run not one but three divisions. The first is their shop located at 75,
boulevard de Clichy - 75009, Paris and open since 2007.
Tel: 01 45 26 97 20 - Fax: 01 42 85 48 13
Closed from 14 to 22 August 2011 for the French Holidays.

In the shop and online you may purchase the ERNEST Book published for its centenary, featuring their sexiest models and tracing 100 years of high heels, from 1904 to 2004
Entitled "Dizziness and Variations - High Heels".
With over 200 color photographs and many more in black and white we are guided through the history of Ernest with never seen before material including photographs and old catalogs
Book format is Format: 17 x 22.50cm, 196 Pages with text in French and English. Surely a must for anyone seriously interested in High Heels. Priced at a mere EUR36.00 but until 31st August you can get this witha 30% discount.

The second area is their Online shoe shop "Ernest Chausseur" to be found at where they showcase the current collection as Nouvelle collection ERNESTPrintemps Été 2011 translated as New Collection Summer 2011 ERNESTPrintemps.

Footwear within this collection promoted in French with specific details given in English. The range is diverse and offers heel heights from 9cm to over 16cm in all shoe types from Mules to sandals, Ankle boots to Thigh Boots and Court shoes (known as pumps) including covered toe, open toe and various heel and sole colours and materials.

The third area is their Promotion or Sale area where they sell items not in the current collection. The name of this site is known as Ernest Collector at
Here they offer footwear sizes 34 to 46. I'm not sure what percentage of their High Heels are purchased by men per-say but given the fact that the French are advocates of dressing for the occasion i would imagine that sales are split 50/50. I feel another survey coming on.

Being an advocate of you get what you pay for, their prices are not that expensive, especially when you consider the quality of the materials used, the craftsmanship of the product and the knowledge that this company know what they are talking about.
Not yet rated as i do not have any of their products.
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