Mistress Nyx

Mistress Nyx is one of those who i would deem hard to get to know but beneath that steel exterior lies erm well another layer of Steel. Seriously though she a lovely person and know's exactly what to do with the Subs who go visit her. Convent educated and from my home town of Manchester, England she certainly knows a thing or two about Discipline. I do believe that she's grateful to the Nuns who her taught her the joys of BDSM. Not sure if she's still practicing hence why no link.




Mistress Athena

Mistress Athena is an English lady, born and raised in the shadows of the Pennines, riding horses and studying dance under the guidance of the legendary Charles Frost. Whilst still passionate about these things she has a greater passion for control and power and has always been a demanding  and dominant young lady. Like a good number of her fellow practitioners she's never one of the pack but is always in control.

As all men are  defenseless in her company she feels the necessity to dominate their tiny brains and bend them to her will. Oh and for christ sake don't tell her she can't spell.

Her home chambers are in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England and are fully equipped for the submissive in you. There is no escaping her gaze and attention when you visit. Throughout your session, no matter whether you're blindfolded or not, you will always feel her presence and power.

She also offers out-calls throughout the UK and although most sessions are in hotels she has access to a variety of Quality chambers.



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