RUBBER 55 came into being on the 8th July 2005 with their 1st ever website retailing their own unique brand of Latex clothing aimed toward rubber play. You may remember back in 2007 seeing a most wonderful video entitled Rubber Gimp created by and featuring the owners and co founders Andy and Karen together with some of their friends and their parents.

Their website is easy to navigate and features 3 galleries as a Catalogue, Customer and also an R55 Gallery where their designs are featured in 3rd party shoots, events and personalized scenarios.
What sets Rubber55 apart from many other latex retail sites is that they show clear photographs of the colour latex swatches. Customers can actually see how the latex looks and how it reflects against light

Not yet reviewed as it's ben a while since i bought anything from them but do have a look at this fab video Andy created back in 2007. Love his car and the matching outfit.

Outfits i like from their range



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