The Transsexual International Domina of Scandanavian descent with green eyes and hi cheekbones, 5' 11" tall, also known also as Sinendra Valkarna, Stilettovixen, Nurse Sin , Mistress Sabrina , Goddess Blaze & Rubber Mother Superior Blaze

Sabrina and i have been online friends ever since we met in an online in a Yahoo Chat room. I'm sure you will agree with me that Sabrina looks absolutely stunning and extremely erotic in all that she wears. She started Pro domming as Mistress Sabrina Blaze back in 1993. Has performed in rubberball and hellfire shows & danced in the feature film "Matrix Revolutions".

Her latest work was as lead actress in the Movie: "Dungeon-Queens of Darkness" (a BDSM documentary directed by New Zealand's David Blyth)

Sabrina Blaze Sabrina Blaze

Sabrina and i have once again made contact with one another and am pleased to be able to let you know that she's keeping well and plans to relaunch her website later this year.

Just like me she adores high heels and has around 40 pairs of boots of 6 inch heels and higher and probably around 200 pairs of fetish stiletto platforms in extreme heel heights as well as Ballet Fetish shoes and boots. An avid collector of Fetish paraphernalia and most definitely a true fetish ICON

If you'd like to dead more about this delectable creature i suggest you head over to FETLIFE and check out her PROFILE

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